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Steer Right (Online workshop)

About the workshop

Steer Right is an hour, single session interactive and live-facilitated webinar featuring discussions, activities, and videos in response to COVID-19.

Students will be guided by trained university students to develop a deeper understanding of decision making and risk assessment as young road users as it applies to them during COVID-19 restrictions and beyond.
Students will self-determine the tools, strategies and phrases they will need to stay safe on the road.

Students will: 

  • Practise exactly what they would do and say in risky road situations
  • Be given the opportunity to reflect on how to stay safe and ways to get home
  • Gain an understanding of issues on the roads and road safety directly from Victoria Police and MFB officers
  • Learn skills to look out for themselves and each other
  • Be able to take positive action

Steer Right FAQS:

What platform do you use?

We are flexible and elect to use the designated platform of the host school i.e, Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx. If the host school does not have a designated platform, we can offer whichever platform suits best. 

How many students can particpate in the online workshop?

For best engagement outcomes, our ratio is 1:40 (facilitator:student number). We have multiple facilitators who can run sessions concurrently to accommodate larger student numbers. 

Can this be conducted is a school setting also?

Yes, Steer Right can be facilitated remotely, while students are physically at school. Each student will require access to a laptop and earphones.

What IT requirements do the students need?

Students will need access to a laptop or device with a working mic and web cam each, earphones, and stable internet connection.


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