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Dr Kerry Montero's research

Dr Kerry Montero has recently completed a PhD Thesis titled: 'Fit To Drive'. The making of meanings about young people, road safety and risk in a secondary school road safety program.

This extensive piece of research involves analysis of how F2D works as a schools‐based intervention targeting the problem of young people, road use and risk. Recognising that 'risk' as a concept is central to discourses of road safety, it considers the complex understandings surrounding the notion of risk, and its connection to ways of 'knowing' young people. Drawing on road safety literatures, as well as socio‐cultural analyses, it explores the way 'risk' is employed within F2D, and the ways that notions and understandings of 'risk', 'risk‐taking', and 'at‐risk' inform and shape the discourse of young people and road use.

This thesis explores the ways in which F2D works to generate particular knowledge about road use and young people, and the degree to which young people are engaged in the construction of that knowledge. This thesis therefore aims to explore the ideas, beliefs and attitudes about risk and road use expressed by young people participating in the F2D workshops. In addition it examines the specific characteristics of the program that create the conditions for new understandings in its 'target group' and how that contributes to its effectiveness as a schools‐based intervention.

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Year 11 Workshop evaluation

In 2012-13 VicRoads worked with the F2D Foundation to redevelop the curriculum for the Year 11 Workshop. This took account of relevant behavioural change theory and evidence to ensure that the workshop met best practice for young driver/passenger road safety outcomes. Expert road safety behavioural scientists along with school and adult education specialists were involved in the redevelopment.

The F2D Year 11 Workshop is now a key part of the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2013-2022, which has identified that over the next three years the workshop will be made available to all Victorian secondary schools.

An extensive evaluation of the road safety and educational outcomes of the redeveloped Year 11 workshop is an essential step in ensuring that the most effective program possible is being implemented. The evaluation will be carried out by leading experts in road safety and educational research. It commenced in 2013 with evaluation planning and will continue throughout 2014-15.

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