F2D and Victoria's Road Safety Action Plan

The F2D program is now a key part of the Road Safety Action Plan 2013 – 2016, which has identified that over the next three years the F2D Year 11 Workshop will be made available to all Victorian secondary schools. This links to other Government initiatives that have been introduced to help young Victorians stay safe on the roads as part of the Graduated Licensing System (GLS).

The F2D Year 11 Workshop is part of a range of other educational measures linked to the GLS, including Keys Please for Year 10 students and Looking after Your Mates for Year 12 and groups in the community.

As part of Victoria's Road Safety Education Action Plan it has also been identified that there is a need for further curriculum development and evaluation work to ensure that the F2D program is able to meet the needs of different groups of young people. This will include an additional workshop for young people in youth justice settings, a youth forum to develop leaders in road safety in local communities and multicultural materials.

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