What Students Say

We like to hear what students think about our Year 11 Workshop. Here are some comments from different students. Make sure you let us know your feedback after you take part in the workshop via our Student Survey.

  • It is a very informative program, of which could save many lives in the future, and can prevent many accidents. It's a great way to speak up in front of people, which may also help in a situation where the person driving is taking too many risks. Thank you for the program!
  • It is very useful, the facts are clear and it is very informative. The activities that were provided stays with you for a long time. This would be very reliable on the roads, as I would know that they too have been to this and would feel safe in a car and prevent from any deaths happening.
  • I would recommend f2d because it is a very interactive program where everyone is able to have a say and contribute their opinion. It teaches us about safety on the road in a fun way, which kept most of us interested throughout the whole program. Having a encouraging and lively facilitator really made my time through the f2d program a very enjoyable one.
  • Because it had some extremely useful information, plus it would be a positive if my mates weren't killed in a car crash that could've easily been prevented
  • I'd recommend them to my unsafe mates, just to educate them.
  • It covers the hazards of risky driving well and empowers people as drivers and passengers to make sure that they are having a safe and comfortable drive.
  • We don't talk about this stuff enough. We talk more about what car we want to buy and getting our licence rather than the dangers of driving.
  • I would recommend f2d to my friends because it was great to learn how to deal with different situations when you are in a car and you feel unsafe. They gave us a really good idea of what to say and that the first time you say it may not work so keep trying. The main point of the message they got through to me was to speak up and say something if I feel unsafe in a car.
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