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Resources that support the F2D Year 11 Workshop

F2D has developed the following resources with support from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and in collaboration with VicRoads and the Department of Education and Training (DET).

The activities in these resources are linked to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). They are designed to extend the learning from the Year 11 Workshop with follow-up activities for VCE English and VCAL Literacy students, and to provide an opportunity for VCAL students to plan the workshop in the school. The Teacher Guide explains how to use the different resources, and the F2D Curriculum Links shows how F2D and other road safety education programs and resources link with the curriculum in Victoria. 

Teacher Guide
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VCE English Units 1 and 2
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VCAL Literacy
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VCAL Organise Workshop
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F2D Curriculum Links
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Other valuable road safety education resources

Visit Road Safety Education Victoria for links to all road safety education resources and information available to Victorian teachers and schools. This includes links to free resources for secondary schools from key road safety agencies in Victoria, including:

Traffic Safety Essentials

The core resource for road safety education in Victorian secondary schools with direct links to AusVELS Level 10.

Keys Please

A free session for learner drivers or soon-to-be learner drivers in schools.

Connecting the Dots

A 20 minute documentary that tells the story of the aftermath of a tragic car crash involving a group of young men.


An innovative curriculum resource for Years 7 to 8 Health and Physical Education, exploring the concepts of being healthy, risk taking, peer group pressure and safety. Curriculum materials for AusVELS 7-8 Health and Physical Education have been developed to support the use of RAW in schools.


Contains all reported road crash injury statistics in Victoria.

Looking after our Mates

An alcohol education information session that aims to reduce the incidence and severity of crashes involving alcohol affected drivers, riders and pedestrians.

TAC on-line school resources

Developed in accordance with the AusVELS for Levels 7-8 and 10 (English, Civics, Health, The Humanities) and the Victorian Certificate of Education (Health, Legal Studies). The resources use the MAFMAD short films and Muck Up Day DVD.


Gives Year 9-12 students the opportunity to research a road safety issue and design a road safety community service announcement for television.

VCAL Road Safety Units

Focuses on young driver safety issues and aims to assist young people to enter the road system as safe and responsible drivers.

Victoria Police Youth Resource Officers

They can deliver sessions to secondary school students about hoon driving and staying focused on the driving task. The sessions can be used to complement the Traffic Safety Essentials resource at Year 10 and are also suitable for Year 11 and 12 students who have attended a F2D workshop. Please contact the Victoria Police Youth Resource Officer at your local police station for more information.

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