The philosophy of F2D incorporates the belief that young people have the capacity to change and influence attitudes and behaviours in relation to risky driving. It supports them to take ownership and responsibility for their own and their peers' safety and this is reflected in our programs.

Effective behaviour change and education programs cannot be achieved in 'one-off' sessions.

Rather, it is important to follow up to reinforce key points, help the participants keep motivated and use what they have learnt. The F2D Year 11 Workshop and the F2D Youth Forum should be seen as part of a suite of programs designed to reduce the incidence of road crashes involving young people.

It is important that young people are exposed to a range of related road safety education activities during their schooling. The F2D Year 11 Workshop and the F2D Youth Forum connect with Keys Please for Year 10 students and with Looking after Your Mates in Year 12. Teachers are also encouraged to explore the wide range of high quality road safety education teaching resources available to Victorian schools.

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