What Can You Do

Getting them home safely

Parents and carers can play a significant role in reinforcing the key messages from F2D by discussing what was covered in the workshop or forum. However, it doesn’t end with this:

  • Most importantly parents and carers can support young people by helping them to plan the safest way to travel when going out with friends, especially where there may be drinking.
  • Help them to avoid situations where they may need travel in cars with young drivers, particularly at night when it can be especially risky.
  • Drive them yourself, because it is better to know that they will travel with you, rather than waiting up late worrying.
  • Make arrangements with other parents you know to car pool with your kids for parties and other events.
  • Keep in touch with them during a night out with friends via regular SMS messages or calls so you know where they are and if travel arrangements have changed.
  • Have an arrangement where they can call you to pick them up at any time from any place without question.
  • Watch out for and discourage any risky driving or passenger behaviours from them.

Help them to be a safe driver

Make sure you provide lots of opportunities for driving practice as a learner so they can become a safe driver. Also make sure you show them how you are a safe driver and always travel within the speed limit and follow all road rules.

See Help for parents for lots of great information available online.

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